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Иванов А. Продавец дождя Р. Нэш Продолжительность: Мужской стриптиз Борис Бужор Продолжительность: Божественная Комедия. Ад Данте Алигьери перевод Михаила Лозинского. Игроки Н. Гоголь Продолжительность: Али-Баба и сорок разбойников В. Смехов, С. Никитин, В. Берковский Продолжительность: Ох, уж эта Анна! La bonna Anna Марк Камолетти, перевод В. Сергеева Продолжительность: Примадонны Кен Людвиг Продолжительность: Дамское танго Валентина Асланова Продолжительность: Ханума Авксентий Цагарели.

Куни Продолжительность: Запомнить меня. Забыли пароль? Черкасова Анастасия. Пейзаж после бури. Май г. Анастасия Черкасова оператор. Пасха г.


С января этого года в нашем творческом коллективе - артистка Анастасия Черкасова, окончившая Красноярский государственный институт искусств в году. Сейчас она занята в репетициях режиссера Якова Ломкина над премьерой "Теленок золотой" по роману И. Ильфа и Е. Петрова, работает над ролью Зоси Синицкой, можно сказать, музы Великого Комбинатора.

Перейти к основному содержанию. Крутите страницу дальше. Чехов Продолжительность: Иванов А. Продавец дождя Р. Нэш Продолжительность: Мужской стриптиз Борис Бужор Продолжительность: Божественная Комедия. Ад Данте Алигьери перевод Михаила Лозинского. Игроки Н. Гоголь Продолжительность: Али-Баба и сорок разбойников В.

Смехов, С. Никитин, В. Берковский Продолжительность: Пасха г. Игорь Ольшанский оператор. Анастасия Черкасова режиссер. Анастасия Черкасова сценарист. Россия Форматы кино- и тв- фильмов Категории кино- и тв- фильмов Скоро на экранах Актеры российского кино Актрисы российского кино Дети в российском кино Селебрити в российском кино Иностранцы в российском кино.

СССР Форматы кино- и тв- фильмов Категории кино- и тв- фильмов Актеры советского кино Актрисы советского кино Дети в советском кино Знаменитости в советском кино Детское кино Советские и российские фильмы для детей. Награды Ника Национальная кинематографическая премия.

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Мешки для мусора на 30-35-40 л. Мешки для мусора на 50-60-70 л. Мешки для мусора на 90 120.

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In the twentieth century, religion lost its significance because of functional differentiation. It disappeared from the public sphere and became part of the life world. Dobbelaere describes the connection between the macro processes and the micro level although it is not a tight connection. This means that secularisation is one of the preconditions of a religious rational choice, and individuals may then mix different religious narratives and develop unorthodox beliefs and various degrees of belief and unbelief.

Russia has been a so-called secular society since In Soviet society, a religious man was like a black sheep. The gospels and other religious literature were banned and practically unavailable. Employers punished parents of newly baptised children and, in some severe cases, even terminated their employment.

Forest et al. In the late s and the beginning of the s, the ROC was rather weak as a social institution, recovering after significant loss of clergy, flock and property. We argue that a so- called renaissance of Orthodoxy in Russia since the s was powered by: 1 mass media activity, 2 politics and 3 a spiritual quest by Russian people.

The media was also actively engaged in promoting the Church: the first Orthodox Christian TV channel and a radio station were established, and politicians and show business celebrities boldly confessed their religious affiliation to the Russian Orthodox Church.

This may be explained by the controversial links between Patriarch Kirill and President Putin and his team as well as financial scandals surrounding the Church. International experience shows that the greatest moral influence comes from those religious organisations that are independent of political authorities. Thus, the convergence of Russian state structures and the Russian Orthodox Church may lead to a reduction of respect and credibility in the community, thereby strengthening the process of secularisation.

Dobbelaere , Secondly, in Europe and Russia, various new religious movements compete and are worldly in orientation. Dobbelaere notes that these religions, as opposed to traditional religions, are worldly in nature and are focused on achieving success and prosperity. Religious pluralism allows the rational choice of religious and spiritual practices.

From our point of view, the emergence of religious pluralism and the free market of religion in modern Russia since the s has been associated with the adoption of the law on freedom of conscience, and it is essential for understanding the formation of mixed religiosity among university students. It began with the eminent sociologist Peter Berger.

In it, the religious institutions became marketing agencies and the religious traditions become consumer commodities. Berger noticed a causal link between religious diversity and secularisation, and the late Finke found a link between religious diversity and religious vitality Benek , It is arguable that religious pluralism is a precondition to consumer attitudes towards religion. In a consumerist society, relations with religion are transformed, and various religious and spiritual goods and services can be part of the endless process of consumption.

Baudrillard , notes that consumption not only satisfies the material needs of a person, but to a greater extent, it is necessary in order to indicate the social status of a person as belonging to a particular class. Therefore, a person consumes brands, i. People use not only things, goods and their signs, but also religious ideas, political theories, etc.

Nowadays, there is much information about different religious practices in Russia. Here, attitudes to religion depend on personal needs and desires rather than the on requirements set out in the sacred texts. Consumer attitude to religion means that a person chooses those religious ideas and practices that are personally suitable and discards those that are too burdensome.

Thus, religious experience is fragmented and less dependent on traditional religious institutions. For instance, year-old psychology student, Oksana, may combine the visit to a temple, a church wedding and a consultation with a shaman. She got married in the Orthodox Church as she believed it would help her new family to be happy and united in spirit.

At the micro level, the process of secularisation is characterised by individualisation, bricolage, and decline of church religiosity Dobbelaere, Several aspects of the emerging trend of mixed religiosity are specific to Russia, however, there are other general factors at work. Traditional religions principally encourage a focus on the afterlife aspect of spiritual life, in opposition to certain materialistic orientations offered by some New Age beliefs.

Our research finds that Russian students have predominantly pragmatic values and demonstrate a rather utilitarian approach to life see Table 3. Therefore, students may not choose to follow one of the traditional religions as it is believed to limit aspirations they would like to achieve in this life. The sense of worldliness seems to dominate the spiritual choices of modern students in Russia. Students demonstrate a lack of willingness to renounce the habits of an established lifestyle for an Orthodox way of life.

For instance, according to Svetlana, a year-old physics student: There are usually two days off, but on Saturday night, a parishioner should cancel all entertainment and fun events and focus on prayer to prepare for the sacrament and then get up early on Sunday morning to go to church.

No statistically significant difference was found regarding other heterodox religious beliefs. Thus, the popularity of New Age beliefs among Russian university students may be interpreted as age-specific. Family orientation is one of the top three life values for Russian students Cherkasova Significantly, in Russia, the family remains the most influential channel of socialisation for students.

The number of those students who considered religious faith as a significant life value was about 13 percent. However, religious socialisation between at least two generations of Russians was interrupted. A lack of experience and practical skill of church life in a family, which in Western European countries continued over centuries, contributed to an interrupted religious tradition in Russia.

We argue that this factor may be considered specific to Russia. In other words, there are several generations of people in Russia who do not know that on Sunday morning, Christians go to church. In the s, Orthodoxy was suddenly rediscovered and became a trendy religion. The Church was once nearly defeated by the authorities, but somehow managed to survive through the difficult times, and later on began to actively attract spiritually unsatisfied people Anderson ; Davis ; Mitrokhin During the decade following the collapse of the USSR, parents of the majority of our respondents were searching for answers to some existential questions.

They were brought up and educated in the Soviet atheistic society, and therefore, they did not have sufficient knowledge or experience of institutionalised religious life, nor could they share it with their children. They were looking to religion as a remedy amidst the surrounding social chaos Johnson It was typical to be baptised knowing nothing or very little about accepted faith and the moral obligations of belonging to the Church.

They got sporadically involved in worship but did not participate in parish activities. Interestingly, this was the belief even among educated people at the time when numerous New Age beliefs exploded. We argue that formal religiosity, but not religious traditions, is passed on from generation to generation in Russia. For the majority of students, belonging to the Orthodox Church is a mere formality, and taking part in rituals is not a big deal and does not affect their daily lives.

These students adopted a rather external way of expressing their religiosity — which meant no practising at all in some cases — as it was exactly what they observed and experienced in their formative childhood years. Borowik contends that the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the collapse of communism brought a radical change in the position of religion in Central and Eastern European countries, and that in , the number of people who declared their belief in God and their adherence to the Orthodox tradition rose exponentially.

Another specific precondition for mixed religiosity may be the system of education. Starting from the school level, there has been an explicit lack of basic religious education in Russia. As for university students, there is no foundation of substantial religious training, which arguably explains why the majority of students need to start from scratch.

Our quantitative research shows that education as a life value was not highly regarded among students Table 3. This makes it quite challenging for students to get involved with a particular religion as it hinders them from a profound immersion into religious practices. Religious choice is based on the appreciation of what Christianity is as well as knowledge of other religions. Orthodoxy plays a significant role in the national and cultural identification of Russian people.

It is another important factor for Russia as well as for some other historically Eastern Orthodox countries e. With the young generation still searching for a definitive identity, Orthodoxy is the most attainable and traditional religion actively supported by the government and families.

Despite a few scandals and rumoured corruption within the Church, Orthodox Christianity maintains its position in the society and is still regarded primarily as a national and cultural carrier of identity by the young student generation. Denis, a year-old social sciences major asserted: When I was younger, 14 years old, I got baptised; my family and I were [traveling] in St Petersburg at the time, and we decided to get baptised.

Conclusions In the course of our research, we have identified three types of religiosity among university students: formally religious, actively practising and spiritual. In most cases, the religiosity of young Russian students came across as mixed religiosity that chaotically combined different religious and spiritual ideas and practices.

There was a significant gap between formally religious and actively practising Orthodox students because of a widespread mixed religiosity among those students. The processes of secularisation at the macro and meso levels were seen as preconditions to micro level mixed religiosity. For the students, however, formally belonging to the Church did not always mean that they were practising believers.

In many cases, young Russian students demonstrated a mixed religiosity that chaotically combined different religious ideas and practices. References Ammerman, Nancy. In Everyday Religion edited by Nancy T. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Religion, state and politics in the Soviet Union and successor state. UK: Cambrige university press. Beneke, Charls.

Berger, Peter. The Sacred Canopy. New York: Anchor Books. Belyaev, Demyan. Socis Baudrillard, Jane. Consumer Society: Its Myths and Structures. Moskow: Kulturnaiy revoltziiy. Borowik, Irena. Cherkasova, Anastasiya. Chesnokova, Valentina. The Narrow Pass. Moscow, Academ Project.

Davie, Grace. Is This the Future of Religion in Britain? Social Compass 37 4 : Davis, Nathaniel. Long Walk to the Church. A Contemporary History of Russian Orthodoxy. USA: Westview press. Dobbelaere, Karel.

Sociology of Religion 60 Dobrynina, Ekaterina. Russian Newspaper. Date of retrieval: 23 June New religious movements. Moscow: Knorus. Farnham: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd. Religion and identity in modern Russia: The revival of Orthodoxy and Islam.

Ashgate, Mitrokhin, Nikolay. Russian Orthodox Church: the present state and actual trends. Moscow: Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie. Russian Public Opinion Research Center. Date of retrieval: 25 June Claim your spot now to learn the 4-step system for speaking like a local in 21 Arab countries. Your learning journey begins here! If you know only one language, you live only once. I also make funny videos about the cultural difference and funny Lebanese habits.

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